Successful Negotiation, Effective Communication & Lasting Influence

A 3-day communication and negotiation seminar for developing your communication, negotiation and meeting skills even further. The seminar includes practicing what you learn in especially important real-world situations.



This 3-day course teaches you the communication skills and negotiation techniques you’ll need to be even more successful as manager. The principles behind effective communication are applied in a targeted way to every situation that is of great importance to every manager:

  • Persuasive argumentation during project presentations
  • Participating in larger group discussions
  • Expressing your opinion openly, but grounded in fact as member of a team
  • Persuading your colleagues to support your ideas
  • Asserting your position in negotiations
  • How to correctly conduct a challenging meeting or oneon-one
  • Leading a meeting to achieve useful results
  • Negotiation situations with customers and suppliers

In addition to getting insights into the psychology of communications, your own situations at work will be practiced at the seminar.


This seminar is especially beneficial to managers, specialists and young staff who want to learn how good their communication skills are, and to take their negotiating acumen to the next level. Prior knowledge is not necessary.


Good Communication

What do you need to be good at communicating and leading meetings? What rules do you need to follow and how should these be competently applied when leading a meeting, discussion or a one-on-one?

Winning at Negotiations

Business executives must be masters at negotiating with people. A large part of their communication activity consists of selling their ideas to others, winning them over and getting them enthused for projects. To be a leader in business, you have to have negotiating skills. In this seminar you will improve these skills even further by learning what's important in successfully persuading others and achieving your goals in negotiations and meetings.

How good is my Skill Set?

How close are you to being a master at communicating and negotiating? What do you do well, what could you do better? Here you will learn how to judge your own abilities truthfully and from this recognize how to improve your negotiating skills even further.

Optimizing your Skill Set by Recognizing Potential

Every executive endeavors to persuade others to accept his or her ideas. There are different ways to achieve this - by exerting their power, apply pressure, even threatening. But do they really want people to feel offended or do they want to win their favor? We'll teach you how to elicit understanding, support and positive emotions from others, because this way is by far the most successful.

Winning People over on an Emotional Level

If you believe in the good side of people, then you should try to awaken this in others by creating a positive atmosphere. Then you can achieve your own wishes and goals by presenting them as a win-win situation for everyone involved. To be successful at communication and negotiation, you need to win others over to your opinion. During this process, you will need to recognize the emotions you are eliciting in others and respect them.

Learning and Using the Right Techniques

Once you understand what is sensible and right for you to do, you then need to apply these things skillfully in all possible work (and private) situations. There are techniques for this that you can learn and practice. As a participant in this seminar, you'll learn what communication and negotiation techniques to use in a specific situation to be successful at persuading others. The focus will be on difficult real-word situations that management faces in companies and institutions daily.

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