Strategic Sales Management

Strategic sales management is the key to a company’s success. 4 + 3 days.



Strategic sales management creates the foundation that makes sales success possible. It paves the way for it. It makes sure that success is planned and realized in a manner that is market and customer-friendly, and not aloof or out-of-touch. Strategic sales management is closely tied to corporate and business strategy. It helps align company vision, technological and financial strategies to the only constants – the customer and the market. And it’s oriented on the only values that keep a company successful – finding new customer potential, optimizing customer benefits, and controlling customer satisfaction.

Strategic sales management is the key to a company’s success. The concept of this challenging 2-part program is to present all the factors involved in this in a systematic and practically-oriented form that uses proven methods.


Part 1:
Seminar about market and customer-relevant strategic models as the basis for strategic sales management. 4 days

Part 2:
Seminar about the concepts and implementation programs of sales management. 3 days


  • Executives responsible for sales success
  • Sales and distribution managers
  • Executives responsible for national, international or global sales strategies
  • Executives looking for approaches to sales and distribution that will enhance their implementation skills even further


Strategic Requirements for Sales Success

  • Analyzing strategic requirements
  • Identifying the opportunities and dangers of your business model
  • Where action needs to be taken, and changing your strategic road map

Corporate Strategy and Business Strategy

  • Strategic guidelines for sales management
  • Finding the right corporate strategy as a requirement for competitiveness
  • Linking corporate strategy and strategic sales management

A strong Market Position and core Expertise

  • The typology of markets positions
  • Developing a strong, defensible and profitable market position
  • Expanding your current market position
  • The core-expertise matrix

Setting Priorities

  • Portfolio decisions
  • Managing resources
  • Focusing and concentrating your strengths

Customer-focused Structures

  • Fields of business and organizational structures
  • Customer-focused thanks to creating the right structures
  • Virtual structures as growth accelerators

Value for the Customer and Customer Needs

  • Customer needs and customer problems
  • The necessity of differentiation
  • Continuously expanding on the value you offer the customer

Market Changes

  • How new technologies are revolutionizing markets
  • Developing future business relations

Success at the Point-of-Sale

  • Putting innovative concepts where the decision to buy is actually made
  • Factors for sales success
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