Strategic Marketing Management

This is our 2-part management program for sales directors and those responsible for managing sales. 4 + 4 days.



If you are responsible for the success of a company or a section of the market as sales director or responsible for sales management, then this 2-part management program is just the ticket. As you know, the point-of-sale reveals if all your strategies, concepts and plans have become a reality. Sales and distribution is where your company has direct contact with its customers, with consumers and buyers. It all depends on them. How effective sales are is crucial to the actual success of your company. This is why the work you do in sales and distribution management begins early, at strategy level. Both must integrate the world of the customer and the world of the sales and distribution partners into the strategic process. Who else but sales and distribution know what the customer really wants, how the competition works, where sales strengths can be more effectively employed?


The 2-part program begins with a 4-day strategy seminar. Our highly-qualified lecturers show you how you can develop company and business strategies, and how these affect sales guidelines. The second part of the program then demonstrates how you can derive a sales management strategy and how to implement it.


  • Heads of distribution and sales
  • CEOs and directors with responsibility for distribution and sales
  • Managers seeking to prepare for these kinds of positions
  • Decision-makers working on expanding the sales strengths of a company


What a company wants to achieve

  • Corporate policy and philosophy, a canon of values and normative guidelines as target
  • Setting main priorities
  • Today‘s and tomorrow‘s market position

What customers want and what they need

  • Who are my customers and how can they be defined according to segment and target group?
  • What do these customers really want?
  • Understanding the customer as prerequisite for generating high customer value

How my business model will function tomorrow

  • Analyzing the currently-used business model
  • Developing potential new business models

Which market positions a company promotes

  • Assessing my company‘s market position
  • Is my company dominant, unique or a follower?

How to assess my company‘s competitive position

  • Strengthening competitive positions
  • How to identify positions that cannot survive

Corporate strategies that must be implemented

  • Drawing up alternative corporate strategies
  • Determining the best corporate strategy and implementing it

Business strategies and sales management

  • How business strategies are developed
  • What do business strategies mean to sales management?

How to create a sales and distribution strategy

  • Content of a sales & distribution strategy
  • Developing a sales or distribution strategy

Sales management concepts

  • How to optimize value to the customer
  • Utilizing customer potential even better
  • How can you manage customer relations?
  • How can you win back lost customers?
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