Strategic Management for Executives

Strategic Management for Executives gives you advanced skills, methods, and instruments for strategically positioning your company within a dynamic marketplace. 4 days.



This 4-day course will show you how successful executives ensure the future of their company developing the right strategy. It will deepen the strategic expertise of decision-makers and people responsible for implementation. Participants will get the latest knowledge demonstrated by interesting examples from the business world.


  • You want to update your strategic knowledge
  • You want to scrutinize your own thoughts about strategy
  • You want to further develop your expertise in strategy
  • You want to judge and expand your strategy skill-set
  • You will get the tools to develop high-impact strategies


Participants in this program are a diverse group of strategy leaders from varied industries, backgrounds, and locations. They are in charge or involved in strategic planning, implementation and business development. They include:

  • CEOs, members of the management board
  • Executives and successful managers
  • Heads of important areas, business units, profit centers, countries


Modern Strategic Management

  • The principles of strategic management
  • How does competition develop over time?
  • Hyper-competition as a normal condition
  • Consequences from globalization and digitalization

Strategy Development

  • Analysis and analytical tools
  • The right steps
  • New tools used in today’s business world

Value-Creation Strategies

  • The profitable parts of value-creation
  • Should you occupy a stage of value-creation yourself or outsource it to a partner?
  • More return on investment thanks to capital reduction

Optimal Strategic Positioning

  • Achieving a strong market position in attractive markets
  • Using your core competencies
  • Defending, expanding, reaping the rewards

Strategies for Ensuring the Future

  • Recognizing crowding-out processes
  • Developing new business opportunities with new technologies and digitalization
  • Commercializing your core competencies
  • Customer needs as driver for innovation

Creating New Value

  • Growth as driver for creating value
  • Promoting future business
  • Entering a new segment with higher profit potential

Managing Corporate Culture

  • Managing corporate values and ethics
  • Actively shaping corporate culture

Implementing Strategies

  • Factors of success in skillful change management
  • Fast and effective implementation
  • Creating enthusiasm in groups of people for implementing something new
  • Strategic controlling
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