Strategic Business Management

The art of effective management is combining strategic and financial objectives and options. 4 + 4 days.



Strategies have a major influence on a company’s finances. And financial objectives and options define how much room strategic management has to maneuver. The art of effective management is combining both of them. From a combination of both these aspects of management, strategic and financial excellence should result.


Part 1:
Seminar on knowledge about strategic management that is proven to work. 4 days

Part 2:
Seminar on financial management tasks and the important decisions made by financial management. 4 days


  • Members of executive boards, board of directors
  • CEOs, owners, members of supervisory boards
  • Executives responsible for the objective achievement of important corporate units
  • Executives looking for new insights into strategic management and financial management


Strategy and Strategic Roads to Success

On your way to a successful future, you must repeatedly set the right course all over again.

Strategic Dead-Ends

Empirical findings, studies and long years of practical experience should help you avoid false strategies and strategic dead-ends.

Defending your Current Market Position

Profitable business in attractive markets are animating your competitors to enter the market. You need to secure your current market position using the appropriate strategic concepts.

Business Models, Digitalization and Business Innovation

The cash-cows of the future still have to be developed and brought to market with the right launch strategy.

Ensuring your Company’s Future

The most important corporate policy is the goal to survive long-term and with above-average profits. For this, you will need to undertake major steps of adaptation again and again.

Modern Financial Management

  • The general context
  • Corporate management using key performance indicators
  • Profit targets and planning profit

Instruments of Financial Management

  • Planning, budgeting and investment calculations
  • Company valuation, mergers & acquisitions
  • Working-capital management and cost management

Tools for Managing Results, Measures for Improving Results

  • Measures to increase profitability
  • Measures to increase in corporate value long-term
  • Growth and profitability

Controlling as a Management Task

  • Strategic controlling
  • Optimization decisions
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