CEO and Management Board Program

Executive management in a global environment.



As a CEO or a member of the executive board, you lead the entire organization. You set guidelines, define company values and determine strategic objectives. Within the parameters of rules and bylaws, you dictate who has autonomy to act and organize things on their own. What do you need to be effective at corporate management?


This seminar is ideal for business owners and upperlevel executives and who are members of the executive board and responsible for strategic leadership of one or several companies, business units, divisions, areas of business or important operational areas. It is also the seminar for people who are being groomed for an upper management position and want to be better prepared for it.


Part 1: This is a 4-day seminar for top executives about general management, business strategy and executive leadership.

Part 2: This is a 4-day seminar about financial management and important topics concerning financial management from the standpoint of executive management.


You will enhance your learning – from the perspective of a corporate executive – about which rules, guidelines and strategic objectives to set, and which are vital for helping you effectively guide your company.



How can you ensure sustainable success of your company? This seminar will deepen your knowledge about the principles for survivability and long-term prosperity. It also deals with important factors and aspects of control that make up professional management.

Strategic Management of a Company

Strategic management – what are the essential guidance and control tasks of general management?

Business Mission

Here we enhance your knowledge about determining company identity and main objectives. How to make your business mission a communicable message for understanding what the company does. We help you learn even more about creating guidelines for business activity.

Values, Ethics and Corporate Culture

As an executive you know how moral concepts serve as the ethical, moral parameters for your business operations. We help you sharpen your skills at working-out binding values and setting rules for value management.

Owner Strategy

What are the personal motivations of the owner or your company? We enhance your abilities to ensure interaction of owner and corporate strategies. And we can help sharpen your eye for recognizing possible areas of conflict at an early stage and how to find common ground.

Corporate Culture

What programs can you use to optimize the chance to develop that kind of corporate culture that is what your staff wants? We help you enhance your ability to manage corporate culture for a purpose.

Corporate Structure

The organizational structure of your company offers you a vital opportunity to intervene in its operations and development. We give you insights into the most important structural options, their pros and cons and into filling key positions within your company.

Code of Conduct

The relationship between corporate leadership and all downstream operations should be controlled by binding rules and a code of conduct.

Autonomy and the Freedom to make Decisions

Which is better, decentralization or centralization? We give you the pros and cons of both management philosophies so you can find just the right level of self-organization and autonomy.

Centralization where Necessary

It‘s not easy to develop the necessary management logic to control things „from above.“ We help you recognize even better when centralized leading is necessary and makes sense. We help you take advantage of synergies, apply the power of the group to business operations, and show you the best forms of centralized controlling and risk management.

Building a Corporate Strategy

What are the components of a professionally created corporate strategy? We give you insights from strategy theories. This will sharpen your skills at organizing your company for sustainable growth, value enhancement and profitability.

Strategic Guidelines

What guidelines need to be defined by top management? This is important, as strategic guidelines point the way for downstream management levels.

Strategic Target-Setting

We can help you be even better at formulating ambitious but realistic objectives for growth, at enhancing the value of your company, its profitability and strategic positioning within the competitive environment.

Strategic Leadership

This is about the principles and organizational tasks of strategic leadership. About leading at executive level. We‘ll help you ensure that collaboration is based on trust, mutual respect and working on common goals and results.

Brand Strategy

If you see your company as a brand, then its owner, top executives, and press officers are also company ambassadors to the public. We give you insights into how to manage the brand strategy of your company.


Executive communication – the instruments, objectives, challenges. How do top executives communicate? How should you deal with members of the media?

Strategic Controlling

You need the right controlling instruments and a very well thought-out risk management, if you are going to work based on trust and when defining competencies and responsibilities in your company.

PART 2: Managing Financial Prosperity

This is about portfolio management and active results management, about value and performance-oriented general management techniques.

Managing Finances

Financial decisions affect corporate management. We focus here on EBIT and results management and one developing a program to increase profitability.

Capital Requirements and how to Finance Themy

Investment and divestment. Here you‘ll learn how to reduce capital expenditures and optimize investments.

Corporate Value

What drives corporate value? We cover the important topics determining sustainable increase of corporate value. What program can you used to increase your company‘s value?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Purchasing and selling companies, and fusion management. What you as an owner, top executive or manager must know about mergers and acquisitions.

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Part 1: 24.02.2020 - 27.02.2020, Luzern
Part 2: 09.03.2020 - 12.03.2020, Berlin
CHF 9'900.- / EUR 9'400.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)


Part 1: 24.02.2020 - 27.02.2020, Luzern
Part 2: 11.05.2020 - 14.05.2020, St.Gallen
CHF 9'900.- / EUR 9'400.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)


Part 1: 19.10.2020 - 22.10.2020, Hamburg
Part 2: 07.12.2020 - 10.12.2020, Hamburg
CHF 9'900.- / EUR 9'400.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)
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