Excellence in Strategic Management

The best strategy seminar you’ll ever participate in for using every day. 4 seminar days about developing and implementing strategy.



We don‘t have to tell you how important strategic management is. You know it secures today‘s success while looking ahead to initiate appropriate measures to ensure the success of tomorrow. Every manager with executive responsibility makes strategic decisions. An executive must have strategic management as part of his or her skill set. This seminar‘s goal is to update you with the latest and the best knowledge about the most effective approaches to strategic management – which rules it follows, mechanisms, instruments – so you can take responsibility for it in an even more informed and confident manner. You‘ll learn what developments are important to analyze in a global business environment, and which course of action to take in order to protect your competitive position. You‘ll learn what business models can help you create additional business and add corporate value. And you will learn the step-bystep processes that go into strategic management.


The seminar brings you up-to-date on the latest about strategic management systems.

  • Best suited to executives and upper management who are presented with strategy proposals from employees or consultants and must decide and approve all of parts of them.
  • Best suited as well to executives who have to create and submit strategy for their company, a single business unit/division and departments, and wish to do this using the latest strategic management concepts.
  • Specialists working in internal company consultancy, strategic planning, company development or consulting, who wish to learn how a complex strategic project is managed.


  • Executives and upper management
  • CEOs, executive directors
  • Heads of major divisions and departments
  • Specialists from consulting and corporate development
  • Managers who are soon to assume a higher executive position, or someone who wants to prepare for such a position.


The Tasks involved in Strategic Management

  • Protecting existing business and expanding it
  • Determining your company‘s core business
  • Defining and establishing future business
  • Positioning your company in a competitive environment
  • Using new technology for your business
  • Ensuring your company‘s survival long-term

Insights from Strategic Research from around the World

  • What differentiates good from bad strategies?
  • How to avoid strategies that endanger the survival of your company
  • What do you require for a successful future- oriented strategy?

Developing a Strategic System

  • What strategies does a company need?
  • Who should develop them?
  • How to plan a project for determining company strategy
  • How to get numerous experts involved, and how to develop strategy proposals that will win wide support

Strategic Topics at a Glance

  • Strategic analysis – recognizing opportunities, identifying where action is needed
  • Strategic status quo – determining your company‘s position in the marketplace
  • Strategic options – possible ways to a successful future
  • Strategic design – the art of precise strategy formulation
  • Strategy alignment – integrating strategy, corporate culture, processes, talent and resources
  • Implementation – from concept to factn

Corporate Policy Guidelines

  • Vision, mission and values as guidelines for doing business
  • Principles, management directives and guidelines
  • Highest priorities for management

Corporate Strategy

  • The strategy of a company in its competitive environment
  • Recommendations from ‹strategy scholars›
  • Real-world application of best practices

Today‘s Business Model

  • Business models also have a life-cycle
  • What success-drivers lose their effect and are replaced?
  • What factors will drive success in the future?

Today‘s Core Business

  • Promoting your core business
  • What belongs to your core business?
  • Strategic resource management

Your Business Portfolio

  • How do we divide up a company into individual business activities?
  • The business portfolio as a core element to corporate strategy

Evolution and Change

  • The central analyses for each field of your business
  • Strategic of following set rules

Opportunity Management

  • Creative searching for promising growth potential
  • The concept of ‹opportunity management›

Brand Extension

  • Creating new market potential through brand extension
  • Practical examples – what works, what doesn't?

Protecting your Company‘s Position(s)

  • When competitors and imitators target profitable businesses
  • The best strategies of defense to ensure your business stays profitable

Business Development

  • Why mature markets tend to developmarket erosion, hyper-competition and extrusion
  • Ensure profitability through business development
  • New business models, innovation
  • Developing new national markets
  • Developing new sales channels
  • Solutions instead of products

Core Competencies for Today andTomorrow

  • Why capability-driven strategies are successful most of the time
  • What is behind the „core competencies“ concept?
  • Capabilities instead of buying other companies

Corporate Culture

  • A good strategy does not thrive in every corporate culture
  • The ideal corporate culture

The best Organizational Structure

  • Make your organizational structure the secret driver of your business
  • How structures create realities

Processes, IT, System and Management Instruments

  • Requirements for creating optimal processes
  • Processes that increase your competitive advantage
  • IT as driver of company success
  • Management instruments for monitoring
  • Strategic controlling

Leadership and Management Philosophy

  • From strategic management to strategic leadership
  • Personal managerial cognition
  • What requirements can we infer from a managing philosophy that affect management team and staff behavior?

Strategic Implementation

  • Factors that help in the successful implementation of strategy
  • Finding the right management team
  • The right incentive models
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17.02.2020 - 20.02.2020, Köln
CHF 4'900.- / EUR 4'700.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)


16.03.2020 - 19.03.2020, Davos
CHF 4'900.- / EUR 4'700.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)


24.08.2020 - 27.08.2020, St.Gallen
CHF 4'900.- / EUR 4'700.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)


05.10.2020 - 08.10.2020, Boston, MA
CHF 4'900.- / EUR 4'700.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)


08.12.2020 - 11.12.2020, Hamburg
CHF 4'900.- / EUR 4'700.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)
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