CEO and Managing Director Program

Our program about executive management and executive leadership – for CEO‘s , Managing Directors and C-level managers. 5 + 4 days.



As a top manager, you know how hard it is to achieve results quickly and sustainably at the same time. The balancing act between short-term optimization and strategic innovation is a real challenge. The ability of balancing priorities – between strategy, business development and innovation, leadership and financial emphasis – is the decisive factor in success. This binds the successful executive automatically to the general management of his or her company. To be a specialist in one thing is not enough, not if you need to understand the complexities of global management, if you have to define correctly where improvement is needed and create a promising future for your company.


Strategic and Business Development

During the first part of the program, our top-quality lecturers will give you the latest insights into strategic management and how to develop new business. More often than not, today‘s top executive is expected to lead on two different business levels – to secure and expand the core business, on the one hand, and to enter new growth areas on the other. We show you that it is possible to bring together optimization of the present with safeguarding the company‘s future.

International Management

As you know, even if many businesses are local or national, the rules of conducting business are increasingly determined by the global economy. For executives, this means developing an international focus and approach which allows maneuverability in a competitive global environment. Management today is international management.

What do these new rules of the game mean for you as a successful manager? What changes when I redefine the geography, the sales channels, the culture and portfolio of my relevant market so that my national business becomes an international business?

Increasing Profitability and Productivity

If you stand at the top of your organization, you‘re expected to achieve ambitious goals. Profit-oriented companies focus on achieving key-performance indicators (KPI) like EBITDA, profit margins, return on equity, free cash flow and increasing company value. And industry- specific key-performance indicators for NPIs are no less ambitious. We‘ll show you how to manage the financial aspects and optimize financial results.

Mergers & Acquisition

Often, the best way to grow a company is through acquisition or merger. Or the sale of a company division which no longer belongs to the core business. These place especially high demands on CEOs and top executives.


The „CEO and Managing Director Program“ has been created specifically for experienced executives like yourself with proven success:

  • who want to expand their knowledge of the latest management concepts and management instruments
  • who are increasingly active in an international business environment and want to acquire new insights into a globally-oriented management system
  • who seek to increase their knowledge of the three central management areas of strategy, developing new business and finance.

Participants here should be successful, upper-level executives like CEOs, Managing Directors, members of a management board, head of a subsidiary, a departmental head at company headquarters, or major divisions, business segments or business units.


  • Inspirational presentations
  • Discussion in groups as a forum for knowledgetransfer
  • Exchanging business experiences
  • Guided discussions
  • Small case-studies
  • Best practices
Key details


Part 1: 12.10.2020 - 16.10.2020, Berlin
Part 2: 07.12.2020 - 10.12.2020, Hamburg
CHF 9'400.- / EUR 8'900.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)
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