Personal Leadership Program

Confidence, authenticity and a gift for persuading people are vital skills for a manager to have. You will possess these if you can believably communicate your strengths to others, can give off an aura of confidence, and have good communication skills.  3+3 days.



Successful managers and specialists understand how to motivate and mobilize their employees to work together to achieve ambitious objectives. In addition they know that personality plays a role in effective leadership. Managers should do as much as they can to develop step-by-step into an outstanding leader. Why? Because most principles of good leadership are known, evaluated scientifically and their effectiveness confirmed in the workplace.


With the help of this program, you will be able to expand your leadership skill-set even further. You will learn how good you are today at winning-over others to your goals. You will experience which motivation techniques you already use – probably unconsciously – and how these techniques affect the people around you. You will learn to recognize how you appear to and affect others. After this program, you should be able to:

  • apply leadership techniques
  • use your strengths ever better
  • achieve more acceptance for your ideas and concepts
  • be better at getting others to commit to ambitious objectives
  • use motivational skills to improve your effectiveness at work
  • understand  your own personality
  • refine your ability to recognize and manage your strongest tendencies



  • Managers, project managers and specialists from all areas of business, who want to improve their leadership competency even further
  • Young managers and middle management staff,  who want to get some concrete ideas and learn new approaches to effective leadership
  • Future leaders who want to prepare for a role as a competent and effective leader


The Principles of Leadership

  • The concept of integrated leadership
  • Excellence in leadership
  • The core skills you'll need to be an effective leader

Result-Oriented People Management

  • Motivating staff for achieving common objectives
  • Methods and tools for people management
  • Developing your own personal leadership style

Leadership and Leading a Team

  • Depending on the right employees
  • Using the strengths of a team
  • Skillful team leadership

Social Competence

  • Being a skillful leadership personality
  • Communicating values, building trust
  • Inspiring others to perform well

Communication and Conflict

  • Difficult everyday management situations
  • Managing conflict successfully
  • Agreeing on objectives - praise, criticism, qualification
  • Hiring, firing, changes
  • Practicing real situations

Personal Performance

  • Self-management
  • Using your own potential to be more effective
  • Developing how effective you are
  • Optimizing your personal management efficiency

Perceptions by Others

  • How do you go from being a person, to someone with character?
  • How do I see myself? How do others see me?
  • How to shape first impressions
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