Shelton Weeks Prof., Dr.

Shelton Weeks Prof., Dr.
is the chairman of The Department of Economics & Finance and Lucas Professor of Real Estate at Florida Gulf Coast University. He teaches in the areas of corporate finance and real estate.


Selected Publications for Shelton Weeks, Prof. Dr.

“Undergraduate Real Estate Appraisal in the U.S.” with Bennie D. Waller and William Hardin, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, Volume 15, Number 1, 2012, 19-32.

“Property Taxes: Are Property Owners Getting Their Money’s Worth?” with Travis L. Jones and William J.  Ritchie. Journal of Business Cases and Applications, Volume 6, 2012.

Real Estate Mutual Funds– Shopping Malls or Self-Storage? With Steve P. Fraser forthcoming in Financial Decisions, Winter 2012.

“Infrastructure Investment and the Impact of Special Assessments under Shifting Population Demographics” with Dean Stansel and J. Howard Finch, Journal of Business Cases and Applications, Volume 4, October 2011.

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