Shelton Weeks Prof., Dr.

Shelton Weeks Prof., Dr.
is the chairman of The Department of Economics & Finance and Lucas Professor of Real Estate at Florida Gulf Coast University. He teaches in the areas of corporate finance and real estate.


Corporate Finance

This session will introduce you to the capital budgeting process.  While many executives have experience with this process, most individuals and their firms approach these tasks in a manner that does not optimize firm performance.  This learning experience will focus on the common mistakes made by firms as they consider potential projects and examine their subsequent behavior.  The analysis will extend beyond the computation of valuation metrics including aspects of behavioral finance that often bias the process impacting performance and ultimately profitability.  Capital budgeting is a very marketable skill set. And behavioral finance and its related impacts are hot topics in the World of Corporate Finance.

Executive Education

  • Finance for Executives
    Over the course of four days, ‚Finance for Executives‘ will provide you the skills needed to enhance your company’s financial bottom line.
  • Consulting & Coaching
    Ask for coaching or consulting services of Prof. Weeks and his

International Programs

General Management Week
The ability to turn ideas and concepts into results is crucial for executives and experienced managers. The program explores the essential management requisites for achieving sustainable results across organizational boundaries. 5 days

International Executive Management Program
This general management program for experienced managers is an excellent update and further preparation for general management responsibilities in a globalized world. 9 days.

Advanced General Management Program
This two-part, intensive program prepares you for new and greater responsibilities, or reinforces your existing skills by keeping you abreast of the latest developments in managerial practice and research.

Advanced Executive Leadership
Learn how great leadership balances the strategic needs of the company with the practical human dimension, ever-present in business, to achieve results. 4 days.

Strategy Best Practice
Strategy Best Practices gives you solid skills, methods, and instruments for strategically positioning your company within a dynamic marketplace. 4 days.

Finance for Executives
Over the course of four days, ‚Finance for Executives‘ will lend you the skills you need to enhance your company’s financial bottom line.

Doing Business in China
This five-day program in Shanghai lends the skills needed for current or future expatriates who will be managing a business in China’s dynamic economy