Arthur Rubens Prof., PhD

Arthur Rubens Prof., PhD
teaches the Executive MBA “Challenge of Leadership” course in USA, Italy, Denmark, China and Germany. He is Associate Director of Regional Economic Research Institute.


Publications for Arthur Rubens, Prof. Dr.

Journal Articles (Published)

Kennedy, T, Bardy, R, & Rubens, A. (2012) Economic Growth and Welfare: How Foreign Direct Investment Contributes to Improving Social Order in Less Developed Countries. Journal of Organizational Transformation and Social Change. (Forthcoming)

Mathews, C, Fornaciari, C., & Rubens, A. (2012) Understanding the Use of Feature Films in Classroom Learning. American Journal of Business Education, Volume 5, Issue 5,  pp 563-574.
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Lessons  Learned and Direct and Indirect Benefits.  Applied Research in Economic Development, Volume 6, Issue 1; pp 25-34.

Bardy, R, & Rubens, A (2009) Business Ethics and Legal Environment of Business in the U.S. and in Continental Europe. Journal of Business Disciplines. 1527-151X Volume X, Issue 1, pp 49-76.

Bardy, R & Rubens, A (2009) A Comparative View of Business Ethics and Governance in the U.S. and Continental Europe and How They will Change in These Challenging Times. International Review of Information Ethics (Special Edition: Business Intelligence Meets Moral Intelligence), Volume 10, January 2009, pp 25-34. (Cited source in UNESCO Code of Ethics)

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Book Chapters (Published)

Kauanui, S, Thomas, K,  Sherman, C, Rubens, A (2012) Entrepreneurship and Spirituality. In Handbook of  Research in Religion and Spirituality at Work.  Editors: Mustafa Ozbilgun, Yochanan Altman, and Dave Miller. Edward Elgar Publishing. (Forthcoming: expected publication, 2012).

Wimberley, T, & Rubens, A (1999) Like plugging the holes in a Colander:  Health Policy and Provision in the United States, circa 2000. In Handbook of International Health Care Systems. Editors, E. Wimberley, and K Tai.  Marcel Dekker Publishers.

Rubens, A, Oleckno, W, & Papaeliou, L (1996) Establishing Guidelines for the Identification of     Occupational Injuries: A Systematic Appraisal.  In 1996 Workers‘ Compensation Year     Book. Horsham, PA: LRP Press, Part I, pp. 206-213.
Proceedings (Published)

Rottig, D & Rubens, A: A Conceptual Model of Strategic Leadership and Employee Perception of Inequity. Academy of Management Annual Meeting,  Boston, MA  August 7-10, 2012 (Published in AOM Best Paper Proceedings  and nominated for International Management Division “Best Paper” in OB / HRM / OT)

Rubens, A, & Schoenfeld: Using Biographies to Develop Leadership Skills.  Academy of Business Disciplines, Fort Myers, FL,  November 10-12, 2011

Rubens, A & Jackson, G: Feasibility Assessment for a Business Incubators: A Case Study. Academy of Business Disciplines Annual Conference 2010, Fort Myers, FL, November 2010.

Bardy, R & Rubens, A: Contextualizing Information Ethics: Business Relations in Europe and the U.S. and the Accountabilities of Exchanging Information. EDem 10 Conference: 4th International Conference on eDemocracy 2010. Danube University Krems, May 6-7, 2010.

Borgia, D, Bonvillian, G, & Rubens, A: Challenges and Lessons Learned: A Case Study of Experiences with Establishing Partnerships with Chinese Universities. Academy of International Business, Southeast Chapter, October 28-30, 2009, Jacksonville, FL.

Borgia, D, Rubens, A, & Jones, T: Using a Reverse Merger to Take Chinese Companies Public on U.S. Securities Markets: The Case of China AutoStar;  Academy of International Business, Southeast Chapter, October 28-30, 2009, Jacksonville, FL.

Kauanui, S, Rubens, A, Sherman, C., & Thomas, K: A Research Path: Following Spirituality     and Its Role in Creating Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Academy of Management, Annual     Meeting, 2009; Symposium: Management, Spirituality, & Religion Section, Chicago, IL,  Aug 7-11, 2009.

Drew, Stephen and Rubens, A: The Involvement of Boards in Strategic Decision Making Process: A Study in the Health Care Industry. Israel 2nd Annual Strategy Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, Dec 2008

Rubens, A, Drew, Stephen, & Andert, D: Pilot Study of Health Care Boards Involvement in Strategic Decision Making.  Southern Management Association Annual Conference, 2008.  St. Pete, FL  Oct 2008.

Bardy, R and Rubens, A:  Business Ethics and Legal Environment of Business in U.S. and Continental Europe.  Academy of Business Disciplines, Fort Myers, FL, Nov 9-11, 2006.

Rubens, A and Bonvillian, G: Using Traditional Research Methods for University
Consulting in the Community.  Academy of Business and Public Administration, Dallas, Tx. May 2005 (Selected as “best research paper at conference”).

Wimberley, E & Rubens, A:  Development and Findings of Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey.  Southern Gerontological Society, Atlanta, Georgia, April 2004.

Wimberley, E & Rubens, A:  Development and Findings of Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey.  Western Social Science Association Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 2004.

Rubens, A: Assessing Health Administration Student’s Values and Ethical Choices. Academy of Business Education, Key West, Florida, September 2002

Bonvillian, G, and Rubens, A: Using Research Methods for Executing University Consulting in the Community: A Case Study.  Academy of Management, Quebec City, Canada, August 2002.

Rubens, A and Bonivillan, G: A Case Study of University Contract Consulting.  Hawaii International Conference on Business, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2002

Bonvillian, G, and Rubens, A: Utilizing Traditional Research Methods for Executing University Contract Consulting in the Community: A Case Study.  International Conference on the University as Citizen, Tampa FL, February 2001

Duffus, L, Wells, L, & Rubens, A:  The Personal Strategic Marketing Plan as an Element of the Introductory Marketing Course: Students Perspective on its Usefulness.  Academy of Business Disciplines, November 2000.

Book Reviews, Letters to the Editors and Invited Special Topics Papers (Published)

Ciesla, J & Rubens, A: „Longest, B: Health Policy Making in the United     States.“ Ann Arbor: Health Administration Press.“  (Book Review) Journal of Health Administration and Education. 1996; 3(2): pp. 357-358.

Rubens, A, Hargarten, S, & Oleckno, W: Comparison Between Emergency Department and     Inpatient E-codes. (Letter to theEditor).  Academic Emergency Medicine. 1996; 3(3): pp. 87-89.

Rubens, A, Oleckno, W, & Papaeliou, L: Guidelines for the Establishments of Occupational     Injury (Letter to the Editor).  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 1995; 37(11): p. 1261.

Rubens, A:  Injury Prevention: Mandatory Reporting of External Cause of Injury. Viewpoint.     1992; 26 (2): pp. 10-11.

Rubens, A.:  Communicating with the Elderly Person.  Viewpoint. 1992; 26 (5): p. 3.

Rubens, A: Health Care Reforms: The Political Issue for the 90s. Viewpoint. 1991; 24 (1): p. 1.

Training Manuals (Published)

Rubens, A, Ricci, E, Saxton, J, Malloy, S, Housley, S, & Stoy, W:  Emergency Care for the Elderly (Instructor’s, Paramedic, and First Responder’s Training Manuals). Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA, 1990.

Rubens, A, Ricci, E, Saxton, J, Malloy, S, Housley, S, & Stoy, W:  Emergency Care for the Elderly for Emergency Care Personnel Training Program.  Chicago, IL:

Works in Progress, Under Review & Ongoing Research

Under Review

Rubens, A & Bardy, R: Contributing to Changes of Social Order in Emerging Nations: The Responsibility Spillovers of Foreign Direct Investment. Problems and Perspectives in Management. 2012 (Under Review)

In Progress

Rottig, D. & Rubens, A: A Conceptual Model of Strategic Leadership and Employee Perception of Inequity in Times of Organizational Crises, and the Moderating Effect of National Culture. Journal of Management

Bardy, R, Rubens, A, & Massaro, M: Social Sustainability in Emerging Markets: The Business Case for Equitable Economics – Can the Poorest Countries be Rescued? International Journal of Emerging Markets (Special Issue on Institutions and Emerging Markets).

Bardy, R, & Rubens, A: Extending the Concept of Economic Value Added to Embrace Capitalism 2.0: The Public Goods Approach to Measure for Overall Corporate Performance. “Journal to be Identified.”

Rubens, A, & Schoenfeld: Using Biographies to Develop Leadership Skills.  Journal of Business Education

Rubens, A: Development of Self-Improvement Plan in Leadership Education.  Journal of Management Education.

Rubens, A: Using Quality Assessment to Develop Quality Improvement Plans with Mgt Students; Journal of Management Education

Rubens, A & Jackson, G: Case Study: Assessment of Community Development Agency Permitting Process; Journal of Business and Public Administration

On-Going Research


  • Regional Economic Development & Entrepreneurship : Qualitative research being conducted to benchmark economic development efforts and promotion of entrepreneurship in the U.S., Italy, and New Zealand/Australia.
  • Economic Downturn and Regional Incubator Business Network: Conducting quality research on impact of economic downturn on regional incubator networks and entrepreneurship.
  • Spirituality and Entrepreneurship: Collecting survey data on issues and attitudes related to spirituality and motivation from local entrepreneurs and SBDC clients.
  • Business Ethics Survey: Surveying BS and MBA students’ attitudes and opinions towards business ethics.