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The latest insights into online marketing and internet business. 3 days.



Real markets are increasingly enhanced, or compete against, the virtual marketplace on the internet. This 3-day course gives you a deep-dive into the latest knowledge about online marketing, digital media and conducting business on the internet. You will learn how to web-enable your own business, how to use the internet and new media as an additional sales channel, how to build an online shop and how to better use search-engine optimization and social media management to win new customers. This course makes it clear, that when it comes to doing business using the internet there are only two ways to go – either full-speed ahead or not at all. Those companies not among the top 10 of current search engines have already lost, and those companies not among the top 5 will quickly lose on importance in the real world as well. What must you do to put yourself in “pole position” in the sales channels of tomorrow? Using successful examples, our lecturers – who are themselves pioneers of internet, search-engine and online Marketing – will show you how to start your own online marketing project, or how to optimize what you are already using.


This seminar is perfect for managers and specialists from all areas of business, consumer marketing, marketing of premium and luxury products and B2B:

  • Managers who bear responsibility for sales success and who want to better understand everything about the development of online marketing, conducting business on the internet, SEO and social media
  • Heads of distribution, sales, marketing and communications who are investing more resources in electronic information and distribution channels
  • CEOs and executives who want to attain skills for a new field of knowledge in order to really understand and control distribution, sales and marketing in the future


The Future belongs to Online Business

Online sales continue to grow in many industries. The internet long ago grew beyond its function as information medium, and has become a promotional tool for modern sales and distribution management. The longer this process goes on, the more sales will be achieved at online shops. But how can I establish and lead an internet business or an online shop to success? What core competencies do I need to develop internet business? How does marketing function on the web?

Networking and Online Communities

How long can we afford not to develop and cultivate an appropriately large network community? Social networks like Facebook are today's communication giants that no marketing strategy can ignore. But in B2B as well, social networks are becoming a vital communication and distribution channel. XING, LinkedIn and other clearly-segmented communities are fixed components of sound B2B marketing strategies. We will show you, using practical examples from the business world, how to use these essential tools of modern marketing communication and marketing strategy.

Internet as Point-of-Sale?

Not everyone who achieves sales on the internet has an internet business. What you have to ask yourself here is - Where is the information located, where is the decision to purchase made, where is the order placed? Quite often, a so-called web-based business is nothing more than an electronic channel that allows delivery of an order faster and more affordably than the mailman. To have a real internet business, you need to actually sell on the internet. The customer searches, finds, gathers information, compares, decides and purchases on the internet. Support media - like telephone consultation, ratings etc. - are definitely desirable and make sense too. In this demanding management course, managers and specialists will learn how an internet business is planned, conceived, developed and managed so that additional business and real sales can be generated on the internet.

Digital and Social Media – a Central Factor of Success

For many managers, digital media marketing still needs some getting used to. For them, posting photographs and information on Facebook is superficial. They have difficulty communicating their message on Twitter in just a few letters. They fear over-complexity when suddenly they’re one of millions of XING members and constantly engaged in a communications network.  For many, social media is a curse and a blessing; they have a kind of love-hate relationship with it. But there’s really no alternative for marketing and successful corporate management of the future. If digital media marketing is not already a part of your company’s management concept, chances are it will in the future. In this course, we’ll teach you to see digital media marketing as a new concept and tool for your business and how to use it.

Social Media Campaigns

You want to introduce a new product, a new service or some other innovation to the market. In addition to your classic instruments for this like pre-marketing, marketing and sales, you decide this time to use new sales and communication channels and plan your campaign to include them. With SEO measures, search-engine marketing and social media marketing, you want to get the maximum push and pull out of your market launch.

Web Marketing for B2B

Web marketing is become more important all the time for B2B activities. The decisive question here is this – How many of your customers and decision-makers get their information from the internet before they develop an interest in your portfolio, inquire about it, and either ask you to make them an offer or decide to purchase? Increasingly more customers use the internet for information and to help them make a preliminary purchasing decision. Because of this, the importance of web marketing for B2B is growing exponentially. This seminar will make you more aware of this. It will demonstrate why “sales on the internet” should be incorporated into your Marketing strategy.


Search-engine optimization is the attempt to occupy the best positions in the best search engines on the internet. This is not easy. Search engines companies use algorithms which are not known because they keep them a secret. This means SEO can never give one hundred percent results. SEO activity is based on experimentation and experience and you only get a best-possible result from it. In this seminar, we will show you how this functions and how SEO fieldtests are conducted.

What Action to take when Things don’t go well

What should you do when the internet as distribution channel does not achieve the sales you had hoped for? What should you do, if your portfolio and your company don’t garner enough attention at search engines? What should you do, if you are not represented or not represented enough on your new channels for social media marketing? Only a few experts really know what to do in these situations. And only seldom is it possible to learn what their “secret recipe” is, so you can use it for your own online sales and online marketing activities. The lecturers of this course have successfully developed an online business themselves and know what they are talking about. They will share their experiences with you at the seminar.

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