New Business Models and Growth Strategies

New Business Models and Growth Strategies. Conceiving and successfully implementing growth strategies. 3 days



Growth begins with a clear vision of growth, which determines a strategy for consistent growth. This seminar aims to help you better recognize future business, to launch new business, to determine development and market-launch strategies, and to better use the potential of existing customers through new business models and creative business definitions. This 4-day seminar will show you how to successfully conceive and implement growth strategies. It provides support for executives to realize their growth objectives.


  • Executives who want to realize their company‘s growth objectives
  • Managers responsible for sales, who knowingly use all the options open to them for growth
  • Managers responsible for innovation, expanding market share, business development or new business.


Growth as Strategic Goal

There are good reasons why executives constantly focus on growth. Smaller businesses that are not yet sufficiently large need to achieve a minimum on company size in order to survive. Sinking margins and slow profit erosion have to be compensated for with sales growth. In competing for market positioning, you don‘t want your company overtaken by faster-growing companies. To keep doing business in a dynamic growth market, a company has to be in the frontline of the growth spiral. Growth – Necessity or Choice? In what situations does growth become a matter of company survival? Growth as a strategic option – benefits, dangers and alternatives. Quantitative or qualitative growth?

New Business Models as Drivers of Growth

What drives a business in the direction of growth? Are there barriers to growth? If yes, what are they? What are the right and wrong paths to growth? What strengthens the growth of my company?

Development Goals and Shaping the Future

How to grow faster than the market. How to grow in a profitably way. How to grow added value. Capital-friendly and fundable growth. How to grow with a focus on human-resources. Ability-oriented growth.
Opportunity-based growth.

Growth Strategies

Analyzing growth opportunities and determining the best growth strategy for them.

Creating new Markets

Being able to recognize the markets of the future is vital. Using creative business definitions to identify new business potential. Customer needs as the basis for new customer benefits. Technology as the driving force behind innovation. Using core competencies for completely new business models.

Business Development

How to assess business ideas. Reducing the danger that a new business venture of your company will fail. A new business portfolio. Developing precise strategies for new business. What are the best market launch and market expansion strategies?

Coping with Growth

What effects does growth have on company processes, activities and organizational structures? How can you organize company structures to handle growth?

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16.03.2020 - 18.03.2020, Oberursel
CHF 3'900.- / EUR 3'600.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)


14.09.2020 - 16.09.2020, Oberursel
CHF 3'900.- / EUR 3'600.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)
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