Market-Driven General Management

In this 2-part program, participants learn how to align their thinking and activities to the marketplace and its customers. 5 + 4 days.



In this 2-part program, participants learn how to align their thinking and activities to the marketplace and its customers. They will learn the systems and tools they need to manage for market success.


Part 1:  A 5-day general management course about strategy, business development, financial management, leadership and market success.

Part 2: A 4-day marketing seminar


  • Executives and managers who want to update their knowledge with the latest options and methods available for increasing company value, market orientation and holistic management
  • Executives from marketing-driven organizations who preparing to take on broader responsibilities that require general management, marketing and sales know-how
  • Managers in any area involved in the development and management of new products will benefit, including those from divisions such as engineering, research and development, marketing and sales.


Modern General Management

  • The principles of general management
  • The holistic approach and customer focus
  • Profitability and increasing company value
  • Strategic management
  • Corporate management and leadership
  • Achieving financial results

Business Development, Innovation

  • Looking for and finding new business models
  • Innovation as basis for future success
  • Managing new business
  • Digitalization and growth

Future Businesses

  • Realizing new potential through a new business model
  • Fields of business in the future
  • The question of structure and designing the optimal organization

Drivers of a Profitable Market Position

  • Conceptualizing market success
  • Strategic positioning
  • Tools – using instruments for planning and developing a viable, profitable market position

Marketing Analyses and Databases

  • Market, customer and competitor analyses
  • Consumer insights
  • Market research for B2B

Uniqueness as Goal of Marketing

  • The unique market model
  • Understanding your business and your identity
  • The challenge of differentiation

Customer Segmentation

  • Techniques of segmentation
  • Target-group Marketing
  • Differentiating my benefits from others
  • Pricing strategy and pricing differentiation

Tools to Manage for Market Success

Here you will work out concepts and plans of action to manage for market success. These will be based on examples from the business world, and will target the demands of your own business segment.

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