Leadership & People Skills

Expand your leadership skills even further by enhancing your knowledge and by practicing especially important management situations. For managers and future leaders. 4 days.



Leadership skills decide how prosperous a company is. And leading begins on a small scale with self-management, with motivating yourself, inspiring team members or colleagues for one of your ideas. For most people, management success is not a question of being a born leader, but the knowledge they have learned and practiced. With this program, you will expand your leadership skills even further and get new ideas too – through more knowledge and by practicing it in especially important management situations.


  • Managers, specialists, project and team leaders from all areas of business
  • Managers with first experience at leading, who want to optimize their effectiveness
  • Future leaders with only limited experience, who need to prepare for management position


Leadership Skills

  • The integrated leadership concept
  • A summary of leadership methods and skills
  • Insights from leadership theory
  • Psychological insights

Personal Management Efficiency

  • Knowing exactly what your personal goals are
  • Understanding your personality type
  • Self-management – leading yourself
  • Self-awareness – knowing your own personal behavioral patterns

Result-Oriented Employee Management

  • What characterizes a manager who is good at motivating?
  • How to get people to agree to ambitious objectives
  • What effect do value guidelines have?
  • Why is correct delegation so important?
  • How to develop self-organization

Team Building

  • Counting on the right employees
  • Interview techniques for analyzing strengths and weaknesses
  • How to put together a team that conforms to business strategy

Leadership Style

  • Different leadership styles
  • Possible applications, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Managing the situation correctly
  • My own personal leadership style

Leadership and Management Qualities

  • Leadership as the basis for operational excellence
  • Professional leadership of a team
  • Improving performance
  • Ensuring employee satisfaction

Determining my Own Leadership Style

  • What are my strengths as a manager?
  • Where is there potential to optimization?
  • Which of my management qualities should I enhance even further?

Social Competence

  • What characterizes the personality of a confident manager?
  • What do we mean by «social competence»?
  • How can I be more effective?
  • How can I win-over others for objectives and the activities to achieve them?

Conflict Management

  • Typical conflict situations at a company
  • Analyzing how I handle conflict
  • Strategies for resolving conflict
  • Ways to develop problem solutions

Employee Meetings, Communication

  • Practicing especially important employee meetings
  • Meetings where objectives are agreed upon
  • Qualification, praise, criticism
  • Hiring, change, dismissal
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