Junior Management Program (JUMP)

A 9-day intensive program for particpants who want to prepare for a management role with expanded responsibility. This training focuses on strategy, marketing, finance and controlling



You are between 28 and 42 years old and belong to that group of emerging leaders at your company who need to be prepared for expanded management tasks. For this, you want to think outside the box and learn from the best, including from those from industries not your own. From this program you will get:

  • An understanding of how a company or part of a company functions that goes deeper than just looking at how things work
  • The ability to see how things interrelate within the big picture
  • A set of tools that will allow you to tackle tasks and problems without knowing the solution ahead of time
  • The ability to recognize where action is required and to apply this at the right place in your company
  • The ability to develop solutions and to present them in an appropriate form

In the first part of the Junior Management Program, you will learn about strategic management and to recognize opportunity and risk, and how to analyze segments, markets, technology and customers, to condense your ideas so they can stimulate your business and how to develop a promising concept. But this alone is not enough. Young managers and staff might have a great idea, but how can they convince
others of it in the hustle-bustle of everyday business? The second part of the program answers this by focusing on msocial competence, leadership and communication.

Together, these are meant to help you be more effective in your everyday work as a young manager. Proposing concepts from ideas, and thanks to your ability to assert
yourself, taking your idea to the top in a skillful way and helping you to make that breakthrough you’ve been looking for at work. Both training parts will help you do precisely what upper management emphatically demands from its future leaders today – have a great sense for business and strong execution skills.


Part 1:
A 4-day course about holistic management, strategic management, marketing and market success, implementing concepts to achieve business success.

Part 2:
A 4-day leadership course about the mechanisms and tools of successful self management and leadership, about the right leadership behavior and about motivational communication.


Most young staff are given operational tasks and projects from the day-to-day business. They do what belongs to their job and what they are instructed to do. When they move up to a management position, everything changes. Their share of management tasks grows, and they are now required to work more on their own and to focus on achieving results. From ‹reliably carrying out what the boss told me to do› the job requires you to ‹consider what has to be done on your own to achieve ambitious objectives›. Just understanding all this is not enough. Having a nose for business means to recognize opportunities and to act. For this you need tools. The goal of this program, therefore, is to teach you these tools and how to use them using neutral cases from the business world. By taking part, you will enhance your knowledge of the methods and tools of modern management theory and strengthen your ability to apply this knowledge at work.


Participants should be young executives, specialists, high potentials, project leaders and junior managers from all fields of business and disciplines who are planning a career move and want to prepare for it, or who have already taken this step and want to establish the prerequisites for being successful with a new set of tools.


How does a Business function?

  • Knowing the soul of a company
  • Understanding the mission of a company
  • Internalizing the most important guidelines
  • Sharing responsibility for company ethics, values and objectives
  • Understanding the business model

Modern Strategic Management and what does «Success» really mean?

  • The dimensions of success
  • Shareholder, stakeholder or customer-value approach?
  • The company serves its customers
  • Financial success is important
  • Always think in terms of sustainable profit and value growth
  • Saying no to superficial short-term optimization
  • The social responsibility of management

Recognizing the Status Quo, Opportunities and Need for Action

  • Recognizing and describing the status quo
  • When something important changes, do we notice it?
  • If we do notice it, do we take it seriously?
  • If yes, how do we prepare the actions required to respond?
  • How do we create awareness to the fact that action is required?

Developing a Business Idea and evaluating a Good Idea

  • Formulating a business proposition
  • Having a precise market model
  • A business plan should be short and informative

Drawing up a Strategic Proposal

  • Methods for working up business strategy
  • Methods for evaluating this business strategy
  • Developing the strategic proposal with the most promise of approval

Planning Market Success

  • Carrying over business strategies to marketing plans
  • The content of a promising marketing concept
  • Planning market success
  • Realizing sales success

Making my Contribution to Result Optimization

  • The control factors for a healthy profit situation
  • What possibilities are there for me to contribute to financial results?
  • Planning cash flow, profit and results

Good Leadership – how does it work?

  • Good leadership and performance begin with self-management
  • First leadership tasks – setting objectives, motivating, delegating
  • Tools and best practices

Winning at Communications – where do I stand?

  • The principles of communications in day-to-day business
  • Being more effective at communicating
  • Practicing important meeting and one-on-one situations

Resolving Conflict

  • Trust and understanding as the basis for satisfaction and performance
  • How conflicts come about and how they interfere with teamwork
  • Resolving conflicts, agreeing on a common solution
  • How to impose your own interests on others in a friendly way
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