International Strategy Program

A deep­dive into the best knowledge about strategic management.



With this 2-part program, we will turn you into a strategy expert. You will profit from insights from strategy consulting of over 200 DAX, Fortune 500 and many important mid-sized companies, and from our 30 years of experience in the effects of correct and incorrect strategies.


After attending our strategy program, you will be able to:

  • develop a cleanly-structured strategy project for your company and to lead it as internal project manager
  • develop best strategies for your existing business, but also for new business models and fields of innovation
  • turn corporate policy guidelines into strategies for your own area of responsibility
  • critically examine strategies presented to you by colleagues, employees or external consultants with the appropriate depth of understanding, and to determine if these are feasible
  • skillfully apply the instruments of change management in order to successfully manage strategy implementation


Participants should be management staff and specialists who want a deep-dive into the best knowledge about strategic management. Knowledge about strategic management is part of the skill set of every manager who already holds a leading position or wants to assume one.


Strategy and General Management

  • The overall perspective – the strategy system
  • Philosophy and principles
  • A strategy timeline
  • Successfully leading a company today and in the future
  • Leading employees to success
  • Managing your own area ethically and with an entrepreneurial spirit

The Phase Model of Strategic Development

  • How to optimally approach planning a revision of corporate strategy or partial strategy
  • Practical examples

Optimizing your core Business

  • What distinguishes your core business?
  • What does your company live from?
  • How to defend, expand further and change?

Normative Management

  • Success has several dimensions
  • Mission and vision
  • A canon of values and a Code of Conduct
  • Priority guidelines and setting objectives

The Business of the Future

  • Understanding your customers and their needs
  • Creating new markets with new technologies
  • Bringing innovation projects to market maturity
  • Launching new business in the marketplace
  • Getting new business to blossom and grow

Innovation as Core Competency

  • Having the will to be an innovation leader
  • Having the power to invest in innovation
  • Having the courage to endure initial losses
  • Having the creativity to offer valuable new customer benefits
  • The art of using the best researchers and developers
  • Having a corporate culture in which something new can develop
  • Having the flexibility to learn from mistakes and to grow from them

Business Development

  • Searching for new kinds of business models
  • Changing the principles and rules of your segment
  • Achieving a leap in profitability and value through business development
  • How to find your “blue ocean”

Structuring Business Areas and Business Units

  • Business areas – how to structure them?
  • The enormous consequences for the development of your company
  • Simulation – where will we go, if we change our areas of business?

Corporate Strategy and the Overall Portfolio

  • Designing the company of tomorrow
  • The role of the individual company in the future
  • Prioritizing, and internal competition for resources

Optimizing your Core Business

  • What distinguishes your core business?
  • What does your company live from?
  • What needs to be defended, further expanded and changed?

Strategies for Non-Core Business

  • Strategic options
  • Assessment, choice, realization

Strategies for Market Success

  • Market exploitation – offering more customer benefits
  • Developing markets through innovation
  • Creating new markets through business development
  • Changing the segment
  • Quantum leaps in technology
  • Changing the competitive constellation
  • Being innovative in processes and methods

The best Business Strategies

  • The desired market positioning for the future
  • Being precise – what do we want to achieve and how do we proceed?
  • Being brief – a good business strategy fits onto a single page

Operational Strategies

  • Operative areas and Service Centers also need a precise strategy
  • Strategies for operational departments, Service Centers and staff

Being more Profitable than the Competition

  • Knowing your own profitability structures
  • Actively managing drivers of result-achievement
  • Increasing the value of a company

Performance-Oriented Structures

  • Establishing clear responsibilities for desired result-achievement
  • Autonomy of action and self-organization
  • Several small bosses and levels of centralized management

Developing excellent Processes

  • Lean, fast, close to the customer, flexible
  • Operational excellence as an objective
  • IT and communication as drivers of the business

The right Management Staff

  • Filling management positions with the right people
  • Using instruments of Human Resource management

The Best kind of Leadership

  • Using and fostering your own motivation
  • Being proud of your own and team performance
  • Leading, even when it’s inconvenient
  • Leadership excellence

Strategic Controlling

  • What is controlled?
  • Is controlling being done correctly?
  • Risk management

Implementation of Strategies

  • Concepts must be implemented by people
  • The majority of people are resistant to change
  • Inspiring people to implement a strategy – how does this function?
  • Effective change management
  • Change management in practice
Key details


Part 1: 17.02.2020 - 20.02.2020, Köln
Part 2: 16.03.2020 - 18.03.2020, Oberursel
CHF 7'900.- / EUR 7'200.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)


Part 1: 24.08.2020 - 27.08.2020, St.Gallen
Part 2: 14.09.2020 - 16.09.2020, Oberursel
CHF 7'900.- / EUR 7'200.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)
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