International Programs – Executive Education

Wer einen besonderen Fokus auf globales Management legt und Management Weiterbildung in einem internationalen Kontext buchen möchte, bucht eines der ‚International Programs‘ der Zürich School of Management.

Ein besonderer Vorteil dieser englischsprachigen Angebote: Sie werden in Kooperation mit anderen renommierten Business Schools aus Europa und den USA durchgeführt. Sie profitieren doppelt: Zum einen von einer Dozentenschaft, die sich aus den führenden Köpfen mehrerer Business Schools zusammensetzt. Zum anderen von einer gut durchmischten Teilnehmerstruktur, die sich für eine Netzwerkbildung und für einen intensiven Erfahrungs- und Gedankenaustausch besonders gut eignet.


International Programs – Executive Education in English

Excellence in General Management

The ability to turn ideas and concepts into results is crucial for executives and experienced managers. The program explores the essential management requisites for achieving sustainable results across organizational boundaries. 5 days.

Senior Executive Seminar

Too many programs and projects can lead to stagnation and fragmentation. That’s why managers need to know what buttons to have the levels downstream push on. 4 days.

Leading Successful Business Transformation

Make the moves that keep your business ahead of the curve as digital technologies drive transformation and change.  4 + 3 days.

Executive Development Program (EDP)

This three-part, intensive program prepares you for new and greater responsibilities, or reinforces your existing skills by keeping you abreast of the latest developments in managerial practice and research.  3x 4 days.

International Management Program (IMP)

The latest and best knowledge about general management, strategy, finance and leadership. 12 days.

Strategic Management for Executives

Strategic Management for Executives gives you advanced skills, methods, and instruments for strategically positioning your company within a dynamic marketplace. 4 days.

Market-Driven General Management

In this 2-part program, participants learn how to align their thinking and activities to the marketplace and its customers. 5 + 4 days.


Financial Management for Executives

Over the course of four days, ‘Financial Management for Executives’ will lend you the skills you need to enhance your company’s financial bottom line. 4 days.

Essentials of Finance for Managers

This seminar is for managers from all areas of a company. They will get a comprehensive, systematic overview of the most important facets of financial management. This seminar is about fundamentals. Participants do not require a high level of knowledge on the subject. 4 days.

Excellence in Marketing Management

Excellent marketing is fundamental to the success of every business. The ability to understand and anticipate the wants and needs of your customers and then supply them with products and services at a profit is a crucial skill and not the sole responsibility of the marketing department. In this interactive 4 day course you will discover how to set a marketing strategy and apply key marketing principles.

Online Marketing & Digital Media

The latest insights into online marketing and internet business. 3 days.

International Marketing & Strategy Program

This a 2-part program for managers with responsibility for markets, countries, customers, product groups, brands, distribution channels. 2 x 4 days

International Executive Program

Enhance your knowledge of management and receive an instruction manual for effective management in a globalized economy. 4 + 4 days.

CEO and Managing Director Program

Our program about executive management and executive leadership – for CEO‘s , Managing Directors and C-level managers. 5 + 4 days.

Executive General Management Program

The General Management Program for successful executives. 4 + 4 days.

Senior Management Program

A program about strategy, leadership and financial management for experienced executives. 4 + 4 + 4 days.

CEO and Management Board Program

Executive management in a global environment.

Advanced Management Program

A comprehensive look at successful management at a global or international company. 5 + 4 days.

Financial Management Program

This expands your knowledge even further about financial management of a company and its business units. Seeing financial management as a main executive task. For executives with responsibility for financial objective-achievement. 4 days.

Intensive Program in Finance & Accounting

This is our advanced training for finance and controlling. A management course for finance and accounting, planning and realization of financial objectives, and for the most important subjects affecting controlling. 4 + 4 days.

Value Creation Through Strategy & Finance

Improving business results by recognizing potential for profitable growth and increasing profit. 4 + 4 days.

Leadership, Communication & Presence

“Here we focus on how to skillfully lead staff, communicate effectively and conduct yourself with confidence. A seminar for improving your personal management skills even further. 4 + 3 days.”

Personality Development & Social Competence

This seminar helps you develop your personality and social competence. Advanced training for managers and specialists, who want to continue to achieve success using a motivational leadership style. 4 + 3 days.

Management of a Family-Owned Business

The family-owned company as a model for success. Safeguarding the company’s future. 4 days plus 1 day coaching.

Disruption. General Management. Transformation

You will get the latest insights and learn how to examine closely your company’s dynamic for change and its ability for innovation

Market-Driven General Management

Goal of this seminar is to illustrate the latest insights into management styles that are especially effective.

Fundamentals of Effective General Management

A seminar about the basics of strategic management for business divisions, business units operational departments, areas and staff. For divisional or departmental directors, junior management, professional employees and specialists from every department. 5 days.

Executive Development Program

Top-level seminar for managers who work on an international level.

Management Development Program

A program for improving the skills of junior management – their business instincts and management strengths. Both as management training and advanced training. 5 + 4 days.

International Strategy Program

A deep­dive into the best knowledge about strategic management.

Business Development

Management of new business and the changes necessary for a convincing sales and distribution concept, including new approaches to online and internet­based sales.

The High-Performance Organization

The High-Performance Organization is a seminar for executives and decision-makers who are responsible for optimal organizational structures. 4 days + 1 day Private Coaching.

Using Financial Opportunities, Detecting Risks

You will learn an easy-to-understand and proven method to help you recognize when a decision will affect company finances in a negative way and to avoid making that decision. 4 + 1 days.

Fundamentals of Finance for Non-financal Managers

Basics seminar about the most important subjects affecting accounting, financial management and controlling. 4 days.

Junior Management Program (JuMP)

A 9-day intensive program for particpants who want to prepare for a management role with expanded responsibility. This training focuses on strategy, marketing, finance and controlling.

Leadership Program for High Potentials

Leadership success through optimized effect. In this 4 + 3 + 3-day program, young future leaders learn the basics of effective leadership. Part 1: Successful Leadership. Part 2: How to Communicate and Conduct Yourself Well. Part 3: Showing Presence and Character.


International Management Development Program

This intensive program turns committed young staff into the corporate leaders of tomorrow. This international management development program has as topics strategic management, leadership, marketing, sales, finance and controlling. 5 + 4 + 4 + 4 days.

General Management for Emerging Leaders

The “General Management for Emerging Leaders“ course is an intensive training course for young executives, executives in training and functional specialists in 5 days.

Advanced Leadership

Learn how great leadership balances the strategic needs of the company with the practical human dimension, ever-present in business, to achieve results. 4 days.

Leadership & People Skills

Expand your leadership skills even further by enhancing your knowledge and by practicing especially important management situations. For managers and future leaders. 4 days.

The Leadership Advantage: Strategies for the New Leader

This 4-day training seminar offers young management, specialists and future managers the chance to learn the tools and methods of modern leadership, and then practice how to use them in their own field of business. 4 days.

Emerging Leader Development Program

This intensive program offers new impetus for expanding your leadership skill-set and developing yourself into a management personality. You will learn to recognize your own leadership conduct, your strengths and weaknesses, and you will use your potential to practice how to deal with employees, bosses and colleagues even more effectively. 4 + 3 days.

Leadership, Personality & Communication

A 10-day training seminar about leadership, leadership behavior, developing a manager’s character, presence and communication. Very interactive.

Leading with Personality – Playing to Your Strengths

In this seminar, you’ll get even better at influencing and convincing others. You will improve how you come across to others in exactly those situations that are vital to your professional success – when dealing with bosses, colleagues, employees, suppliers, business partners and customers. 3 days.

Developing Strong Decision-Making Skills

Managing means making decisions. Time for an executive to delve deeply into the decision-making process. 3 days.

Successful Negotiation, Effective Communication & Lasting Influence

A 3-day communication and negotiation seminar for developing your communication, negotiation and meeting skills even further. The seminar includes practicing what you learn in especially important real-world situations.

Personal Leadership Program

Confidence, authenticity and a gift for persuading people are vital skills for a manager to have. You will possess these if you can believably communicate your strengths to others, can give off an aura of confidence, and have good communication skills.  3+3 days.

General Management for Executives

Gives you current knowledge, the latest insights and ideas about sustainable, motivation and success-oriented general management methods. 5 days.

Strategy, Business Development & Change

Our program about establishing future business today. How to skillfully implement something new. 4 + 4 days.

Excellence in Strategic Management

The best strategy seminar you’ll ever participate in for using every day. 4 seminar days about developing and implementing strategy.

Leadership for Executives

The executive leadership seminar for experienced executives with proven success. A vital seminar for successful leaders, who wish to further optimize the effectiveness of their staff. 4 days of management insight.

Advanced Leadership & Communication Skills

Skillfully managing staff, communicating more effectively, with a confident appearance. Management training and seminar for developing your own personal management skills. 4 + 3 days.

Young Leader Program

Everything about the principles of successful management. The successful course of study since 1985. 5 + 4 + 4 days.

Communication Program

This program is in-depth communication training for executives. We reveal the secret to having conversational skills that win people over and help you communicate even more effectively. 3 + 3 days.

Value, Growth, M&A.

We will show you how management of company value functions long-term. For this you need knowledge about acquisitions of companies, portfolio adjustment, about selling a company or merging with another company

Personal Leadership Competency

This seminar is ideal for experienced managers with re­ sponsibility for result­oriented leadership of important parts of a company. 4 + 4 days.

The Leadership Program

In the seminar you check and further develop your personal management style. What you learn can be applied immediately at work. 3 + 3 days.

Corporate Leadership – Managing the Company

Here we focus on wide-ranging managerial tasks – and the optimal way to organize them. 5 + 5 days.

Leading Teams & People

This seminar is ideal for managers who lead management staff or will lead them or want to lead more and implement things themselves less. 4 days.

Fundamentals of Successful Leadership

Our leadership seminar for junior staff. 4 days. For young managers and specialists from all company areas.

Personal Management Competence

This seminar is about developing competent conversational skills and a confident appearance. It will help you improve even further your management competencies. 3 + 3 days.

Communication and Negotiation Techniques

By taking part in this seminar, you’ll improve even further your own rhetorical skills and methods of negotiations. 3 days.

Customer-Driven Marketing

This seminar is about the basics of modern marketing. 4 days.

New Business Models and Growth Strategies

New Business Models and Growth Strategies. Conceiving and successfully implementing growth strategies. 3 days

Strategic Marketing Management

This is our 2-part management program for sales directors and those responsible for managing sales. 4 + 4 days.