International Marketing & Strategy Program

This is a 2-part program focusing on marketing and strategic management for managers with responsibility for markets, countries, customers, product groups, brands, distribution channels. 2 x 4 days.



International Marketing & Strategy Program is a 2-part program for managers with responsibility for markets, countries, customers, product groups, brands, distribution channels. It combines two central aspects – the focus on market and customer proximity as part of marketing management, and the constant effort to achieve growth and increase profitability within a framework of strategic management.


  • Marketing executives responsible for leading strategy, innovation, and organizational change in their companies, or client firms
  • Men and women responsible for market management and who are in charge of positioning and strategic development of that market
  • Heads of marketing, sales, distribution and marketing areas, who are responsible for implementing market strategy as stipulated by Marketing management


PART 1: Market and Customer Orientation

Market and Customer-Oriented Company Management

  • The components of strategic marketing
  • Trends and developments
  • The principles behind dynamic markets
  • Developing and implementing

Marketing strategies

  • The structure and content of a product and market-focused plan
  • The Marketing Mix - Its Central Elements and Concepts
  • The right product, service and portfolio policy
  • Appropriate pricing - how do you determine and implement it?
  • How do you organize company communication?
  • How can you ascertain its budget and resource needs?
  • Taking the offensive in customer retention
  • Corporate identity and brand concepts
  • Emotions in brand management
  • Ultimately, results are achieved by distribution so the right sales channels must be chosen
  • What sales and distribution channels make sense and how do you implement them?
  • Success at the point-of-sale
  • CRM and key-account management
  • Digital and online marketing
  • Using e-marketing

Increasing Effectiveness and Efficiency through Marketing Controlling

  • How do you measure the success of Marketing activities?
  • The tasks of marketing controlling
  • Real examples from the business world

PART 2: Strategic Management

The Strategic Concept

  • The importance of growth for the viability of a business
  • How to achieve growth
  • How management controls growth

Empirical Principles

  • Insights into the fundamental questions about business strategy
  • Growth in a growth market
  • Growth in a difficult competitive and segment environment

Analyzing your Strategic Positioning

  • The business portfolio
  • Examining your business model
  • Types of business activities that accelerate growth

Recognizing Growth Potential

  • Unsolved customer problems, new customer benefits
  • The potential of existing customers
  • Creating new markets
  • Gaining market share and business development

Growth and Profitability

  • Which growth concepts are a danger to profitability
  • What you need to do to achieve profitable growth

Successful Implementation

  • Recognizing the modifications needed
  • Successfully dealing with resistance
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