International Management Program (IMP)

The latest and best knowledge about general management, strategy, finance and leadership. 12 days.



This is a three-part program for executives like you, who already have a lot of experience achieving results. In 12 days, we offer you the latest and best management knowledge about general management, strategy, finance and leadership. The 12 days are structured as follows:


Part 1:
a 4-day executive management seminar about strategy, structure and implementation

Part 2:
a 4-day leadership seminar at the highest level: leadership for executives

Part 3:
a 4-day financial management seminar for executives.

It is possible to organize an individual schedule for you. For example, we can hold all parts in Switzerland, Germany,UK or US, or conduct them in a different order.


The challenges to management are greater than ever before, with a business environment that is hard to plan for, social and demographic changes, revolutions in technology and many other things. What can top executives and managers use to master these challenges? How can you be successful at recognizing change and capitalizing on it?

These questions lead to a central point of skillful strategic management. «How can present company success be optimized while at the same time successfully ensuring survival in the future? » Executives who are responsible for delivering results work to find a balance between present optimization and safeguarding the future. Much of what is done to achieve short-term increases in profit, reduces the chance at a successful future. Much of what must be done today for a successful future, damages your current profit position. Skillful executive management methods will help executives like you to optimally solve this dichotomy.


The second part of this program is dedicated to people – employees, their shared values, corporate culture, their ability to strive together to achieve objectives, and your ability to motivate and create enthusiasm. Every participant in this program has years of experience in leading and each leads in his or her own individual way. Each participant has learned from their own experience which management style fits him or her best, and which doesn’t. Whatever leadership style you practice, it always pays off to step back now and then and think hard about it. In this part of the program you will have plenty of chances to recognize – using numerous examples from real-world business – your own leadership model, and also those of your employees. You will think about what functions today and where new insights could possibly help optimize, if needed, your leadership strengths even further in your area of responsibility or company.


The third part is concerned with topics surrounding financial management. Achieving ambitious objectives is a perfectly normal challenge facing you as an executive today. However, in the area of finance you will have to do more than just something “normal” to ensure above-average financial results long-term. It’s not enough simply to calculate what will be left over after the end of the business year and from this to infer what you need to do in the future. The key here is to be active, not passive. Profits not only need to be planned and budgeted, they also need to be guaranteed through specific programs. Mistakes and traps have to be recognized and avoided. And for those who don’t take advantage of their cost-saving options – and for those who do not know how to increasing corporate value through mergers and acquisitions – risk putting their company on the wrong track.


In order to be able to function with less effort at your company, but using the right methods and at full effectiveness, you need an understanding of the mechanisms behind how your company works. Our model for effective company management will give you the basic skills to do this. The International Management Program (IMP) shows you how to set management guidelines – and how you can organize your area of responsibility – for being successful over both the short and long-term.


Experienced executives and upper management who want to get an update on the latest knowledge about good and right management and to compare this to their own concepts and patterns of success. You can expect a high-quality faculty and the opportunity to gain know-how from an intensive exchange of ideas and experiences with your fellow-participants:

  • CEOs, board members, directors
  • Members of a management board, managing directors, general managers
  • Those responsible for important company areas
  • Businessmen and women, company owners, shareholders


Strategy, Structure, Implementation

  • Good and bad strategies
  • Results from research – what works, what doesn’t?
  • Concepts for strategic management
  • Globalization and digitalization – approaches and consequences
  • Suffering without stress – nothing moves
  • Optimizing the old, investing in the new
  • New marketing
  • The best organizational structure
  • Corporate culture – good if it fits, but a challenge if it needs to be changed

Executive Leadership

  • Success thanks to people
  • Bringing about top performance
  • The best company and working environment
  • Leading employer appeal
  • Bringing about top performance
  • Effective teamwork
  • Determining management conduct in your company
  • Leadership strengths
  • Your individual strengths as a leadership personality
  • Using and implementing management tools
  • Optimizing your effectiveness as a manager

Change Management

  • The latest trends in change management
  • Experiences from the business world
  • How change processes work
  • The psychology of change
  • Concepts and tools for skillful change management

Executive Finance

  • The financial responsibility for management
  • Managing profit
  • Managing profitability
  • Controlling corporate value
  • Finance-oriented expansion strategies
  • Controlling as a task of management
Key details


Part 1: 22.10.2019 - 25.10.2019, Boston, MA
Part 2: 11.11.2019 - 14.11.2019, London
Part 3: 18.11.2019 - 21.11.2019, Davos Platz
CHF 10'900.- / EUR 9'900.- Excl. VAT, invoicing in Euro possible (depending on current exchange rate)
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