International Management Development Program

This intensive program turns committed young staff into the corporate leaders of tomorrow. The program has as topics holistic management, strategic management, leadership, marketing, sales, finance and controlling. 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 days.



This program is based on our 25 years of experience educating committed high achievers to be future leaders. If you move up in your career, you will quickly be confronted with tasks that require new abilities, a new way of thinking and a new form of management conduct. The aim of this program is to:

  • help you understand the challenges of a cross-functional management position
  • sharpen your skills in recognizing early opportunities and threats to the business, and how to proactively react in the right way
  • apply effective implementation skills that will allow you to bring about necessary changes across departments and business areas
  • develop and optimize your personal qualities as a manager and leader with regard to a current or possible future position


Most of the time, committed employees take their first career step as a specialist. With some it stays this way – they broaden their specialization and work in clearly defined positions all their lives. Others, however, plan another career move – they want to keep their number of career options open as long as possible. They want to pursue a career path that increases their options and not reduces them. And companies would do well to train a reasonable number of well-educated, tried and tested “high potentials” who can be used in a variety of positions and can be called upon to move into a higher position immediately, if need be.


Part 1: Strategic Management & Implementation (4 days)

Part 2: Leadership (4 days)

Part 3: Marketing & Sales (4 days)

Part 4: Finance (4 days)

It is possible to organize an individual schedule for you. For example, we can hold all parts in Switzerland or Germany, or conduct them in a different order.


  • Young managers, specialists, professional staff and people with functional responsibility between the ages of 28 and 42
  • Project managers and future managers who want to use a comprehensive, practice-oriented development program as the basis for advancing their career in the future
  • High potentials who are being supported by their boss and are supposed to take over a higher position in the future


Strategic Management - Making your own Contribution to Safeguarding the Future of a Company

  • Modern strategies
  • The strategic process
  • Strategic tools
  • The business model
  • Ideas, market niches
  • Market and competitive analyses
  • Customer demands
  • Unmet needs
  • Customer benefits
  • The market model
  • Market success
  • Core competencies
  • Change
  • Implementation

Leadership - Motivating, Leading & Getting Results

  • Self-management
  • Presence, appearance and authenticity
  • Communication
  • Employee management
  • Group dynamics
  • Conflict management
  • Motivation
  • Leading teams
  • Leadership style
  • Leadership behavior
  • Leadership tools

Marketing & Sales - Planning and Bringing about Market Success

  • Marketing concepts
  • Strategic marketing
  • Product management
  • Brands and branding
  • Sales concepts
  • Implementation in the marketplace
  • Distribution-channel management
  • E-business & digital media
  • Direct marketing
  • Implementation at the point-of-sale
  • Distribution controlling

Financial Competence - Planning and Designing Financial Results

  • The overall relationship between finance and accounting
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Key-performance figures
  • Cost structure
  • Pricing strategy
  • Revenue structure
  • The break-even point
  • Investment planning
  • Modern budgeting
  • Payback calculations
  • Capital requirements
  • Profit potential
  • Financial objectives
  • Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT), return on capital employed (ROCE), return on sales (ROS) , etc
  • Building corporate value
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