General Management for Emerging Leaders

This training seminar offers young management, specialists and future leaders the chance to learn the tools and methods of modern management, and then practice how to use the new found business acumen in their own field of business. 5 days.



In this seminar, you will have the opportunity to learn the principles, guidelines and factors for success behind good and right management using real examples from the business world.


Tools used every day in the business world will help you,

  • understand strategies and business models
  • analyze competitors
  • recognize market opportunities
  • evaluate markets
  • identify customer needs
  • and from this to formulate ideas for innovation and new customer benefits
  • derive a promising market model from them
  • develop a precise business strategy with ambitious objectives
  • determine what core competencies are necessary
  • consciously foster growth and profitability
  • form a team of employees necessary for implementation
  • present your strategy to decision-making bodies
  • achieve market success in your day-to-day business
  • control implementation using tools from real-world business experience


  • Young managers, staff and specialists from all parts of the business who want to learn in a systematic and structured way about management from the standpoint of «business logic»
  • High potentials and project managers who want to prepare themselves for a new position with more responsibility
  • Recently promoted staff from technical and administrative areas who have not yet had systematic training in general management
  • Junior managers who want to profit from the tools of successful managers, so they can be even more effective tackling their own tasks


Holistic Management – a Multi-Dimensional Look at Corporate Management

  • Management as a result-achievement job
  • Holistic management – interrelationships, actions and approaches
  • Principles and tools of management tested under real-world conditions

Understanding Your Own Contribution to Safeguarding Future Company Success

  • Corporate philosophy and values
  • Company objectives, defining success
  • Vision and mission
  • Business models

Strategic Management

  • Strategic roadmaps, strategy as regulatory framework
  • Strategy models and tools
  • Competitive and industry analyses
  • The difference between a good and a bad strategy
  • The correct course of action
  • Implementing strategy

Marketing, Innovation, Market Success

  • The never-ending search for new customer benefits
  • Holistic marketing
  • The components of a marketing concept
  • Approaches for successful innovation management and business development
  • Online marketing and social media
  • Effective sales
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