Executive Development Program (EDP)

This two-part, intensive program prepares you for new and greater responsibilities, or reinforces your existing skills by keeping you abreast of the latest developments in managerial practice and research. 5 + 4 days.



You’re planning to move into a position with result responsibility for your company, or a part of it. In this new position you’re responsible for a greater whole – for company sales, costs and revenues, for market positioning, growth and profitability. And if need be, for customers and customer benefits as well. For employees and employee satisfaction. Perhaps for finance, investments, capital outlays. For strategy, planning, operational excellence and controlling. For further development, for company reputation, its public image. In other words, you’re assuming a new position in general management and with it your area of responsibility will expand in a fundamental way. What you’ll need are new tools, but most of all a completely new way of thinking and leading. The Executive Development Program (EDP) offers you exactly the right dosage of management development measures to help you better understand the greater whole at your company, to help you recognize and guide its interrelationships, and to achieve ambitious objectives even in a difficult environment using targeted activities


  • Part 1: General management. 5 days
  • Part 2: Leadership and people skills. 4 days

It is possible to organize the program according to your individual needs, for instance holding all seminars in Switzerland or Germany, or changing the order of the parts.


  • You need to be able to lead a company or a part of a company in a holistic way
  • You want to sharpen your analysis and status-quo assessment skills even further, so you can quickly get a picture of the situation, know where you need to take action and create a plan for doing so
  • You need to develop your expertise even further in creative development of strategic options, in evaluating these and then choosing the best possible strategy to follow
  • You need implementation skills – because the concepts you develop must be implemented by a committed management team and highly-motivated employees


  • Executives and leading employees who face a challenge in their career that will require a holistic management perspective
  • People responsible for results and changes, who increasingly need to have and use an entrepreneurial mindset, and who bear comprehensive responsibility for result achievement
  • Managers who just recently took on a general management position, and now have the time to scrutinize their role as manager and optimize their skills even further


General Management Competence

Managers are there to capitalize on opportunities and to avoid dangers. They need to identify and illuminate problems, and to look for solutions to them using the experience and competence of the management team, and then to employ everything he or she can to push these solutions through, even if there is resistance. This is why a person bearing general management responsibility must have a very unique skill-set. The program will give you the chance to deepen these skills even further.

Variety and Complexity

There are numerous and very different kinds of challenges general management have to face. It’s often the case that these challenges are unstructured, diffuse, their starting points unknown. Information is missing, objectives are counteractive, the answers you come up fraught with risk, and the consequences of your measures unclear. Solutions don’t grow on trees, and nobody expects general management to know and be able to deal with everything. But you can demand from a general manager that he or she be able to manage variety and complexity. For this, there are very specific processes and very specific ways to solve problems. You will learn these in this program.

Management Diagnostics

How do you correctly diagnose the status quo and need for action from a general management standpoint? What analysis tools should be employed? What empirical data needs to be used? How can you improve strengths even further? How can you better use your core competencies? What areas of weakness must be eradicated? What new business opportunities should be taken on? Participants will learn how to conduct management diagnostics of complex situations that will lead to objective achievement.

Strategy Design

Good analytics and diagnostics must be enhanced with brilliant strategy designing. Recognizing that action is necessary can only come about, if a clear concept with a strategic roadmap has already been developed. Designing a precisely-formulated strategy for the next few years requires a mix of creativity, courage, a wealth of ideas, intuition and entrepreneurial virtuosity. You will learn in this program how to develop the best-possible strategies.

Marketing Excellence and Sales Strengths

Managing market success is a general management task. You will learn here how to translate strategy into marketing excellence, how to position your business correctly and how to come up with sales concepts that promise success.

Financial Management and Controlling

Here you will learn how to use tools and concepts for value and profit-oriented corporate management. You will understand how to identify the revenue potential of a business and how to use profit and return on investment objectives to better capitalize on this potential. You will learn how to skillfully apply tools and concepts of financial management and controlling.

Communication Expertise and Implementation Strength

Managers who introduce new a concept to their employees know beforehand how things will turn out. In a best-case scenario 10% will like the new concept, 30% will merely  acknowledge it, 30% will be grouchy and passively opposed, and the remainder will be opposed and fight the new concept, secretly or openly. A manager who has to change or renew things at his or her company needs communication expertise and strong implementation skills, or they will fail. This program will help you further develop your communication and implementation skills, and will help you enhance your ability to assert yourself as a leader.

Leadership and Change

Leadership begins at that point, where you need to organize people to achieve results together. To be able to do this, you need to have a deep understanding of how leadership in an organization can function – how guidelines from upper management specifying values, strategy and objectives are perceived and implemented at lower levels of the company. The larger the organization, the more difficult it is to influence individuals in it. Nevertheless, this you must achieve if you want to realize your full effectiveness as manager. What tools and methods are available to you for this? How do they have to be used? What should you avoid at all costs? How can you deal with change? Here you will learn how to continuously improve the effectiveness of employees and how to maintain it to a high level permanently.

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