Excellence in Marketing Management

Excellent marketing is fundamental to the success of every business. The ability to understand and anticipate the wants and needs of your customers and then supply them with products and services at a profit is a crucial skill and not the sole responsibility of the marketing department. In this interactive 4 day course you will discover how to set a marketing strategy and apply key marketing principles.



The road to sales success is based on effective marketing concepts. Marketing, therefore, is a discipline that is important to every manager. Only with correct marketing is it possible to

  • establish a market position and use it profitably
  • defend and gain market share
  • establish new markets in a global economy
  • grow thanks to innovation and new-business management
  • successfully position products, services and brands in a national, regional or even a global environment


  • Managers, staff professionals and employees from Marketing, sales, distribution, customer and product management, advertising, branding and market research
  • Executives and managers who want to get new ideas about Marketing and sales concepts and to judge their worth
  • Managers and young talent with a technical or scientific background, who are looking to learn more about Marketing in a targeted way


Factors that Determine Successful Marketing

  • Fundamentals and trends
  • The components of an effective marketing concept
  • B2B vs. B2C marketing
  • Using customer benefits as benchmark

Market Analysis and Market Research

  • Customer analyses
  • Competitor analyses
  • Consumer insights
  • Fields of analysis for B2B
  • Using the internet in the analysis process

Developing a Unique Business and Market Model

  • Our business today
  • Our business in the future
  • Market segmentation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Uniqueness and differentiation
  • Customer needs
  • Managing distribution channels
  • E-Marketing, internet business

Marketing Strategy and Market Success

The Integrated Marketing Concept for:

  • more sales
  • more growth
  • more profitability
  • gaining market share
  • success through innovation
  • using potential better
  • acquiring new customers

Using Marketing Tools Skillfully

  • Positioning your products, services and portfolio
  • Pricing and conditions policy
  • Communication and PR
  • Direct Marketing
  • Sales in B2B and the service business
  • Distribution Marketing
  • Social networks, social media

Internet Business and Online Marketing

  • How is the Internet changing my current marketing?
  • What new skills need to be acquired to successfully develop and manage a successful Internet business undertaking?

Sales Success

  • Developing and managing the sales process
  • Planning and controlling sales success
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