Excellence in General Management

New insights into the best concepts about integrated management. 5 days.



How does effective management function? For many years our researchers, professors, lecturers and consultants have been occupied with exactly this question. They examine the patterns that lead to success and failure in mid-sized and in large companies. They test the effects of new theories and models using real cases from the business world. They develop instruction manuals for right or wrong management and give recommendations for achieving excellence in general management.


After taking part in this program, you will have an even deeper understanding of holistic management. You will understand that the effects of individual decisions are a controlled intervention into an integrated overall system. This in turn will give you the tools you need to guide your area of responsibility to success that is sustainable within a holistic system of management.


This 5-day seminar is designed for the following target groups:

  • Senior- and mid-level executives
  • Members of the management board
  • Heads of business units, countries and corporate divisions
  • Managers who will soon assume a general management function, who want to prepare themselves for their tasks in a targeted way


Modern Management Approaches

  • The concept of integrated, holistic corporate management
  • A health-check for the company

Strategic Management

  • Strategy as basis for achieving above-average results
  • Setting a strategic course
  • Strategic decisions of top management

Core Business and Innovation

  • The right concentration on your core business
  • Strategic priorities, portfolio adjustment
  • Growth spurts
  • Improving profitability
  • Innovation and breakthroughs for new business

Marketing Management

  • Principles of effective marketing
  • The company brand
  • Using your brands, renewing your brands
  • Deriving promising growth strategies from marketing

Leadership and Change

  • My own management conduct
  • How to communicate correctly
  • The psychology of change

Ensuring Results, Achieving Financial Objectives

  • Setting ambitious financial objectives
  • Recognizing potential for increasing profit
  • Introducing measures to improve result achievement

Financial Management 

  • Financial controlling
  • The principles behind the logic of the financial market
  • Sustainable increase in corporate value
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