Advanced Leadership

Learn how great leadership balances the strategic needs of the company with the practical human dimension, ever-present in business, to achieve results. 4 days.



You are a successful manager with experience leading a company division, an important operational department or even the entire company. Skillful leadership is an everyday business for you and it takes the majority of your time. You are constantly communicating with employees, setting objectives and leading by example. And yet you also know – and accept – that you can only retain and continuously improve your leadership qualities if you question what you do and how you do it, if you’re up-to-date on the latest and can develop leadership strategies from this knowledge. This is the premise of this 4-day seminar.

Advanced leadership is more than management, leadership and leadership behavior. You need more than classic leadership skills, for instance, when you have to organize a number of people to achieve results as a team. For one thing, you need a deep understanding of how leadership can function in an organization with several levels of hierarchy, and how to lead, inspire and organize management staff to perform well. The larger your organization is, the more difficult it is to have an effect as a leader on individuals. Nevertheless, this is something you must achieve if you are to be effective. What skills and methods are at your disposal here? How do you need to use them? What should you avoid doing at all costs? In this seminar, we will show how you, as an executive, can increase your effectiveness as
leader even further.


How can you consistently improve and keep at a high level the effectiveness of several employees of an organization? What do you need to keep motivation high? How do you organize the working environment to derive excellent results? How do you communicate effectively and how do you deal productively with change? Why is it that some companies exert a fascination on top talent, while other companies lose their top performers and young talent to their competitors? How can you optimize your leadership behavior? How can you deal productively with stress and conflict situations? These questions are asked over and over again by every executive with major responsibility for objective achievement. This course will give you the chance to get the right answers.


Executives, CEOs, heads of important business units and operational units, those responsible for larger company divisions and experienced managers.


  • Advanced leadership competencies and challenges
  • Actively shaping management effectiveness
  • How to lead management teams and staff
  • Corporate culture as a variable – evaluating and managing it
  • Value-based leadership – managing through character
  • Optimizing the processes of influence between the boss and employees
  • Finding a skillful balance between emotion and rationality when leading
  • How to handle power as an executive or manager
  • Optimizing your own leadership skills
  • Digitalization and agile management
  • Change management
  • Increasing the effect that I have on others – from task-focused to people-focused
  • Using diversity as a powerful approach to doing business
  • Developing your own character – “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”.
  • Using communications as an executive tool
  • Work-life balance – how can I reconcile both professional and private success
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